Widgets Are Made for Marketing

a very nice and detailed article on widgets – something we’ll soo more of and do more often in our online marketing communication in a few years
here in Bulgaria it is not very popular, even it is very unknown, but the first to introduce it will gain, as always :)

“Wanna get away … from the Old Model? Look no further than widgets, the mini software applications downloadable to browsers, desktops, social-networking pages, home pages and mobile phones. The widget may not be the holy grail, but it’s arguably pretty damn grail-ish — maybe the highest expression so far of online marketing in the Post-Advertising Age. And though it is very much on the cutting edge of Web 2.0, it is based on the hoariest of principles. In fact, to be properly visionary on this subject, you must begin by looking way back to the future.

For the past half-century (and for about five more minutes) TV advertising has been at the apex of marketing communications. Then, in no particular order, newspapers, magazines, radio, out of home, direct mail, point of purchase, collateral (brochures, for example) and — in the murky, mucky darkness at the very bottom of the deepest abyss of marketing prestige — advertising specialties. ”

the whole article is here, go for it

quite some nice exampleas in the article too. enjoy them. some inspiration could come.

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