#365wikidays and bravo for Pranayraj Vangari


Pranayraj Vangari is wikipedian from India. He is theatre practitioner and Telugu Wikipedian. Young, artistic, enthusiastic, this man is great example what a volunteer can do if he has enough passion. Pranayraj Vangari started #100wikidays (a madness to write, contribute with an article per day for Wikipedia) and ended up with covering one whole year – 365 days! – contributing with an article each day!

So, Pranayraj Vangari is a hero and I am glad he accepted my invitation for this interview.

For how long do you contribute to Wikipedia and in which language you do it?Since March 8, 2013, Mostly Telugu Wikipedia. 4 years now.

What are the usual topics you write about?
1. Theatre Plays and Theatre personalities
2. Telanagana Histtory, Culture, Persons
3. Movies and movie personalities
4. Village articles and others

Why do you you do this great volunteer work for Wikipedia? What drives you to do that?
Wikipedia is the first door I knock for knowledge, and the idea of giving your part and contributing to Wikipedia felt a fantastic idea to me. Making my knowledge available to the rest of the world for free is what inspires me to write on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is important because it gives knowledge irrespective of who you are.

How other, non wiki people accept your contribution? Do they support you?
Yes they gave very good support to me. Every where those people treat me as special person. From Telanagana State Digital Media Director Sri Dileep Konatham garu and Telangana State Dept. of Language and Culture Director Sri Harikrishna Mamidi garu lot of support and encouraged to me.

How you decided to take this long ride – 365 wiki days? This is a very difficult project.
Firstly i started 100wikidays Challenge. My community wikipedians and my friends encouraged me. Firstly i thought 100wikidays is enough… on 90th day i decided to take 2 or 3 days gap and to start 2nd iteration of 100wikidays. On 95th day of this challenge, I decided to take up the wikiyear challenge.

Now you go for 500 wiki days – wow! Why you do this?
It was a novel idea and urges me to contribute to Wikipedia every day. Wikiyear was a self set challenge to show the community, my determination.

Be Brave – най-важното за всяка комуникация днес

На второто издание на IAB MIXX awards отново имах честта да модерирам категория Brave и с това да участвам в семинарната програма с представяне на няколко примера за изключително смели digital кампании. Хубаво е, че живеем в предизвикателно време, в което нови и нови бизнеси решават да са наистина смели и в послания и в криейтив.

В зала Люмиер на 17 ноември 2016 имаше около 250-300 души. Затова решавам да споделя и тук примерите. Възползвам се от факта, че нямам лимит от 10-12 минути и давам няколко яки brave кампании в повече.

И вярвам, че в това има смисъл. Да създаваме и да споделяме смелост. Да защитаваме ценностите си. Да сме активисти в каузи. Да отстояваме човешкото.
Смелото ново видео на Амазон 2016

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