teaching online marketing out of Sofia

The next two days I am anout to teach / have lectures on Online Marketing Seminars in Stara Zagora (mid Bulgaria) and Varna (the sea side) – first time to talk out of Sofia about Web 2.0 and new things in online marketing

curious to see how it will be accepted, is the pucbic there ready to know it and to practice it

will see :)

Social networks marketing seminar

today we had a very nice selimar about Social networks marketing. It’s still something very new and very “fancy” here in Bulgaria. Only a few companies use and understand online marketing above the online advertising and banners. Only a few know what Web 2.0 means and would eventually use is.

good news is today we had a full room with marketing and PR specialist, all interested in our topic of the day – Social networks. After the introduction we made a short overview of the social networks landscape and it Bulgarian replica’s and we gave a few examples (including our work on ABSOLUT vodka, but I’ll come to this in another post).

a few numbers:
more then 100 million active users of Facebook world wide (wow!)

and about 100 000 Bulgarians – Facebook is the most popular social network in Bulgaria

Bulgarian social networks:
the first one – Atol.bg (2004) – with more then 350 000 registrations, about 75 000 active users
the newest one – DotBulgaria.com (2008) – with about 8000 users
they are a few more, but with very limited number of users and / or specific group of people / topic

we live in interesting time, every day a new thing to discover, a new ideas to share!

/pictures from the seminar – on Facebook, group ANC Design & Communication, as well as on ComOn’s blog here/