Bg Site 2008 jury voting

Today was the jury voting for BG Site 2008 – best Bulgarian web site awards. The jury is with 7 members, all well known experts in online marketing, technologies and media:
Ivan Ivanov
Venci Kostov
Alexander Varov
Georgi Varzonovcev
Bogomil Shopov
Konstanting Pavlov
and me, Justine Toms

For the first time we had live voting, instead of online voting. And not only web sites are nominated, but also events and people with big impact on the development of the Bulgarian online community and present. A video with the voting process will be online soon.

Who are the winners we’ll all know on November 3, 19 h at Sheraton hotel, Sofia – Welcome!

decision: I’ll use this blog for my students

I’ve made the desicion to use this blog also to communicate a bit more with my students. Why not the Bulgarian language blog? Because some of my students do not speak Bulgariand on one hand and on the other – a good ocasion for them and for me to practice our English 🙂

So, I start to post links and other materials for my studets. I teach online marketing, online PR and online media, so most of the link will be related with those issues and the Internet.

The main things will be placed on the page „For my students„, and the current post will be in the same category. It is more to come with time.

teaching online marketing out of Sofia

The next two days I am anout to teach / have lectures on Online Marketing Seminars in Stara Zagora (mid Bulgaria) and Varna (the sea side) – first time to talk out of Sofia about Web 2.0 and new things in online marketing

curious to see how it will be accepted, is the pucbic there ready to know it and to practice it

will see 🙂

how hard it is to understand each other

for a few days I am at Glasgow to work on a European project on web sites evaluation and science and Internet

we come from 7 European countries and everyone deal with science, University and Internet

and it is so so hard to understand each other, to know everyone understand the same under the same word

we talk about „websites“ and what is website, should be a blog be considered as website, is a portal site website, is an online tv website? … hard.