Seth Godin thinks the personal blog is gone

„Personal blogs aren’t going anywhere, though. There’s a difference between a blog about YOU (I call this a cat blog) and a blog about the reader. Guy Kawasaki’s blog, and my blog for that matter, are not about us, about what we ate yesterday or how great we are. They are about you, the reader.“

hm, most probably Seth is right, just, to be honest, here in Bulgaria we are a bit behind, so let us first enjoy the blogs as they are, ah

the whole article about death of personal blogs is here

Sergey Brin and the miraculous power of scale

surfing around I came to this nice video, back a few years Sergey Brin admits he did not believe Wikipedia would work, but he was wrong! the miraculous power of scale – „Sure, the experts say only 1% of Wikipedia’s users actually contribute to making it better. Indeed, if you do the math, it’s even worse than that: probably closer to 0.01% (today, Wikipedia has 75,000 active contributors out of 684 million visitors). But that 0.01% have created 10 million articles. “

The lesson is that more is different.

the whole article and video – here

kids are online

„American youth may appear to be up to their eyeballs in new technology, but in terms of Internet access they are surpassed by 12- to 14-year-olds in Britain, Israel, the Czech Republic, Macao and Canada, according to a new report by the Center for the Digital Future. Only 88% of that age group in the U.S. accesses the Internet, compared to 100% in the U.K. and 98% of Israelis, the report found.“

some more info – here

how about Bulgarian kids? no exact data, but for age 15-19 – 70% are online, which is OK, compared with 33% overall penetration