For my students

The Internet, web, online /videos/

Prometeus – The Media Revolution

Web 2.0 – Tha Mashine is Using Us

What is RSS

Social media

Did you know 1

Did you know 3

Did you know 4

Did you know 5

Anthropological introduction to YouTube

We Think


ING Asia / Pacific blog – Second Life, art and corporate blogs

Coca Cola’s blog – Coca-Cola Conversations

Boeing blogs – Randy’s Journal

All the Bulgarian corporate blogs at one place

Viral marketig examples

Goodyear – 1
Goodyear – 2
Goodyear – 3

Age-o-matic – – user generated video content

Other viral examples: video series

Виросното клипче на Samsung HD – тук

How to use a Wiki

Вирусно Youtube Desperados

Tipp-ex ловецът и мечката Youtube

Expendables видео

Old Spice virus video part 1 – Smell like a man man и втората част тук

More inspiration

Ted’s talks

Seth Godin’s blog

Първата реклама на Apple тук – реклама: „1984“, година: 1984, режисьор: Ридли Скот

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