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What is Mila-Lila? Mila Lila is a set of 12 cards with challenges for children 3+, and a mobile app to inspire and share. Kids learn through making their own crafts, toys and stories.

  • Each card has:
    • one simple craft to make with clear instructions
    • additional challenges to complete that provoke reflection, research and creativity
    • QR code to register the card in the mobile app and use the additional content there.
  • The mobile app provides for each card:
    • detailed instructions video
    • opportunity for the users to share video or images of their own creatures
    • full list of what other users have uploaded and shared for the specific card, so one can use for inspiration and additional ideas.

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kids are online

„American youth may appear to be up to their eyeballs in new technology, but in terms of Internet access they are surpassed by 12- to 14-year-olds in Britain, Israel, the Czech Republic, Macao and Canada, according to a new report by the Center for the Digital Future. Only 88% of that age group in the U.S. accesses the Internet, compared to 100% in the U.K. and 98% of Israelis, the report found.“

some more info – here

how about Bulgarian kids? no exact data, but for age 15-19 – 70% are online, which is OK, compared with 33% overall penetration